Theory Cards

Just click on the Set of Cards you wish to Download or Print.

To help keep your cards in the correct sets remember to put the sheet back through your printer the

correct way up, to print the back as well (click on the link under the image to print the back). 

Print onto colored or plain A4 card, cut out and use as flash cards or to play a matching game.

The cards will build to a full set of terms & theory needed for each level.

Classical Ballet: learn the correct way to say the French names & know their meanings.

Learn the theory for each level.

Tap: learn the names & definitions of the steps.

Modern: learn the theory for each level.

Use these Theory Cards alongside the Memory Joggers for each Grade

& you'll soon know all your theory, term & definitions!

Keep watching this space as more sets are added!

Week 3 Thursday 18/8/16 we've added Set 3 Classical Ballet & set 1 Modern.

Classical Ballet Set 1 Front
Tap Set 1 Front
Modern Stage Set 1 Front
Classical Ballet Set 2 Front
Tap Set 2 Front
Classical Ballet Set 3 Front
Classical Ballet Set 4 Front
Tap Set 3 Front
Modern Stage Set 2 Front
Classical Ballet Set 5 Front