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Top Tips!

Body Conditioning

Strength & Flexibility
Strength & Flexibility is important for all aspects and styles of dancing and the two are as equally important as each other. This range of activities targets the main muscle groups of the body and can be used by most age groups. As you move up the levels for your individual ability and effort, which is important to remember
whilst you are completing these exercises.
These are suitable for all dance genres but will be most recognisable to the Acro students.
If you want to join in but aren't sure of the moves give Miss Jennifer a shout.
Once you are easily able to complete one level of exercises you are ready to move onto the ne

this makes sure you’re improving the skills/areas you find most difficult.

Please check with your Teacher if you are unsure how to perform any of the exercises.

Preparing Your Feet & Body for Pre-pointe & Pointework

Not just for Girls


Working hard in your Ballet classes all leads up to you beginning pointework & to make the most of this
exciting stage in your dancing it's best to do some extra preparation so you can be ready to begin a
pre-pointe class when your Teacher invites you to attend.
We've put together a few exercises you can work on at home that will improve the flexibility and strength of your feet, help strengthen your core and work on your turn out. These exercises will help any dancer improve their technique. You don't have to wait until the pre-pointe stage to make these improvements with our
Student Pointework Preparation Table


Please check with your Teacher if you are unsure how to perform any of the exercises.

Perfect Your Pirouettes


Pirouettes are one of the most famous steps in ballet & can be tricky to do with ease.
Once you've learned how to perform the basic pirouette from the chart there are countless variations.
Pirouettes turn en dehors (outwards, e.g. standing on your left leg turning clockwise) & en dedans (inwards e.g. standing on your left leg and turning anti-clockwise). Advanced dancers can pirouette from any position, in any position & finish in any position, so you can see how important that makes a good pirouette.

Getting a good solid technique in the beginning will help you all the way through your dancing life.

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