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Home Learning Disclaimer Release

Please read before taking part in any of our shared activities.

A1 Dance provides these resources, tips & hints free of charge to help with Home Learning & continuity when attendance at class isn't possible.

Please ensure you / your A1 Dancer practices in a safe manner.


Make sure:

  • Anyone taking part feels well & has not been told they should refrain from exercise.

  • There is ample space (check all around you before you start, nothing you can trip over or bang into, check you won't hit your ceiling light if you put your arms up or jump high).

  • Suitable clothing & any necessary footwear is worn.

  • Children are supervised whilst exercising &/or using the internet.

​N.B. If an adult is exercising alone, we recommend they tell a friend beforehand how long they expect to be & arrange to let them know when they've finished.


Whilst every care is taken when sharing information & video footage please understand that using any of the resources provided, is at your own risk. In using the resources or taking part in any exercise or dance session you are agreeing to the following:

I understand & agree that dance is a physical activity which can result in injury. In using the activities shared by A1 Dance through this website or any of their online sites, social media or video conferencing platforms, I hereby release A1 Dance, its teachers, employees, volunteer staff & guest teachers from all responsibilities & claims for injuries that I or my child may receive while practicing these activities. I recognize there is risk involved in dance training, & I the parent / guardian (or other representative) hereby agrees to save, indemnify and keep harmless A1 Dance, its teachers, employees, volunteer staff & guest teachers against all liability, claims, judgements, or demands from damages arising from accidents or injuries to myself or my child or our property.

By using these resources I take full responsibilty for myself or my child.

Thank you for reading.


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