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Find the answers to some commonly asked questions.

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Children's Classes
How Much is Registration?
Includes a FREE Taster of any suitable class when a place is available.
How Much are the Fees?
After the Taster class there is a Trial Period of 4 weeks to allow your child time to settle in, fees for these classes are paid into the bank weekly in advance. Fees vary depending on which class or classes are taken & are available on request. (Fees for single classes start from £3.40 during the Trial Period).
After the Trial Period fees are paid monthly in advance directly into the bank.
Are there any Discounts?
The following discounts are applied providing fees are paid on time.
Pay Monthly
N.B. Discounts are lost & a late fee is applied if fees are paid after the due date.

If for any reason you need to cancel or change classes there is a one month notice period as detailed below.

After the Trial Period is complete & your child is a Full Member of A1 Dance a
 minimum of one full month’s notice of cancellation is required in writing with any & all invoices to be paid in full, to close your account.

If you wish your child to leave without giving the required month's notice, you agree to pay any & all outstanding invoices, plus 4 weeks fees in lieu, to close your account. 

Is there a Uniform?
A1 Dance has a set uniform which all A1 Dancers need to wear by the end of the Trial Period in time for
their first fully registered class, so by week 6.
A1 Dance sells all the set uniform with extra discounts & offers to keep your costs down. All A1 Dancers receive a FREE A1 Logo Kitbag when purchasing their first set of uniform.
N.B. Uniform items purchased elsewhere will not be allowed in class after the Trial Period.
For the Taster & during the Trial Period it's fine for beginners to wear T-shirt / long sleeved top & shorts / leggings with pumps / trainers or bare feet depending on the class being taken.

Hair should be neat & tidy for all classes. If hair is long enough to go in a pony tail it should be in a ballet bun for all classes, this is not only to look neat & tidy but also an important safety consideration.
So, buns for all classes unless the teacher tells you something different (e.g. they're rehearsing with a hat & it won't stay
on with a bun!). Click to find out 
'How to Do a Ballet Bun' (also on our YouTube channel).

Can I stay in the room & watch the class?

Parents are welcome to wait in the café area at Hope Corner or the lobby at Castlefields as we've found that having parents in the studio is very distracting for the children & having people watching while they're trying to learn can be quite overwhelming for them, they tend to relax & join in far better when their attention can be fully on the teacher. As the children become more confident & if the teacher feels it's appropriate, parents may be invited in for the last few minutes of class near the end of term.

Are students entered for Exams?

A1 Dance holds regular Exam Sessions (generally just before Easter & late November) with the National Association of Teachers of Dancing Ltd. see further down for more information on the NATD & Exams.

Do students take part in Performances & Shows?

Students have the chance to perform for parents & the wider public throughout the year. A1 Dance has a whole school Show where all the children are invited to take part & have the exciting experience of performing in a professional theatre setting.

Do I have to pay for Costumes?
At A1 Dance we strive to avoid big costume bills for parents so collect just £2.00 per child per month towards costumes & aim to hold a Family Fundraising Event approximately once per term, so no expensive costs for parents. Performances etc. aren't compulsory, it is up to the A1 Dancer & their parents whether they wish to take part, they will still receive the same quality tuition & attention from staff regardless. 

The NATD is a long established & well respected CDET (Council for Dance Education & Training) accredited body which examines tens of thousands of dancers each year from around the globe.
All A1 Dancers are invited to enter for exams, & while exams from an accredited body such as the NATD are a good way to measure your child's progress & also count towards UCAS points, it is acceptable to opt out if preferred. A1 Dancers will be given the same quality tuition regardless of whether they enter.
We have a 100% pass rate in all exam genres.

At the core of our Theatrical training are the following exam syllabi accredited by the CDET & eligible for UCAS points:
Classical Ballet
Modern Stage
Stage Branch Tap
Contemporary Dance (the NATD was the first accredited syllabus in this genre)
Gymnastic Dance (Acro or Acrobatic Dance)

We also use the NATD & UDO Street Dance syllabi & the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.
Are the Teachers using up to date methods?
Teachers continue their professional development & keep up to date with current practice by attending industry seminars, lectures & workshops throughout the year. Teaching staff are qualified through & are members of:
National Association of Teachers of Dancing Ltd.
Guild of Professional Teachers of Dancing
Wright Foundation Instructor qualified in exercise referral
Acrobatic Arts Certified School
Dance Teachers Online


Teaching staff are also affiliated with:

Rosina Andrews Method

Aliza Flexibility
Contact us or ring 01928-714474 for any further details.

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