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Referral Rewards












Start collecting towards your A1 Dancer’s first reward

Step 1

  • Recommend A1 Dance to everyone you know, tell them what you love about A1 Dance!

​Step 2

  • Ask them to put your A1 Dancer’s name down under the heading 'Recommended to me by' on their Registration Form (only our staff will see this)

​Step 3

  • Once that child becomes a Full Member of A1 Dance, we will contact you to bring your A1 Dancer's collection card in to be credited.

Ideas to help you find people to refer!

  • Share our posts & stories on your social media.

  • Remember to tag us @A1Dance in any dance related items you share or post. E.g. good luck & well done posts or stories for shows, exams or performances, celebrating your A1 Dancer's success.

  • When your dancer's out & about in their A1 Dance logo wear etc. etc.

  • Have your A1 Dancer take their certificates & awards into school 'for show & tell'.

  • Let us know if you can think of more to add to this list!


Ts & Cs
To be  considered a Full Member your dancer must have completed their Trial Period, have their set Uniform & Shoes from A1 Dance & have paid their first instalment of Monthly Fees.

Siblings cannot be added to each others collecting cards.

Only current Fully paid up Members of A1 Dance can receive Rewards.
Reward cards, names & credits are non transferable.

No cash alternative.


We’ve been keeping a record of those referrers mentioned on any Registration Forms since March 2017 & any referrers we’ve been told about.

If a parent’s name has been given as the referrer & more than one of their children is collecting rewards we will ask which child they want to receive that credit. Credits are non transferable.

Please keep your collecting card in a safe place.


Privacy Notice & Processing

We hope you & your child have a happy & fulfilling relationship with A1 Dance.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.

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