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A1 Dance Members General Information
On this page you can find:
  • Registration including Ts & Cs Agreement & Consent etc.
  • Aims
  • Expectations
  • Uniform Price List
  • Monthly Fees
  • Current Timetable of children's classes
  • A1 Dancer's Fund
  • General Data Protection Rule info.
Registration including Ts & Cs Agreement & Consent etc.


Above right you'll find a link to the current Registration Form including Ts & Cs agreement & Consent Form required for all Students attending classes at A1 Dance.


We aim to make classes fun & friendly, while maintaining the necessary discipline for pupils to progress & gain a sound knowledge of dance steps, positions etc.


To maintain interest classes are varied where possible & pupils are encouraged to use their imagination & creativity to experience the joy of free movement & expression.

Parents always tell us how much their child has grown in confidence attending A1 Dance.


Dancers will enjoy higher fitness levels, improved stamina, strength & suppleness & build stronger bones. They will experience enhanced posture, deportment & musicality, increasing both self-awareness & self-confidence. Dance has been proven to help children develop their interpersonal skills such as team work, taking turns, patience, helping others etc. improves discipline & self discipline & can even improve behaviour.


At A1 Dance Your Child won’t be lost in the crowd, our classes are kept small to ensure Your Child receives the attention they deserve.


We do our best to keep Fees & Uniform prices at a reasonable level & run the Costume Fund along with the A1 Dance Parents Association so there are no large costume bills for parents. We believe no child should have to miss out taking part in a show due to costume costs. Re-using & re-purposing costumes is also better for the environment with less wastage.


Students may dance just for fun & fitness or take part in performances & / or work towards exam success.

Our Exam Candidates have achieved 100% pass rate, with the majority receiving Merit or Distinction. 

While the students love to receive their certificates etc. & they're a good way to track progress, examinations are

not compulsory & when a student is invited to enter for an exam it's the parents choice as to whether they enter or not. Students receive the same quality tuition regardless of whether they are dancing for fun or dream of 

pursuing a career in dance.



Students receive the best dance education & will steadily progress when Parents, Teachers & Students work together to make learning dance a happy, fulfilling & rewarding experience.

You can help classes run smoothly by:

  • Making sure fees are paid by the due date.

  • Arriving a few minutes before class starts so your dancer can be ready to line up on time.

  • Making sure your child has the correct items with them for every class.

  • Having their hair neatly tied up. see 'How to Do a Ballet Bun' this is not only to look neat & tidy but also an important safety consideration. 

  • Online safety. We ask that Dancers under age 18yrs do not bring any mobile devices which have access to the internet to any of our venues. If you allow them to, then we cannot be held responsible for them accessing inappropriate material. (Please note that unless children are in a class with their Teacher then their online behaviour is the parent or guardian's responsibility).

  • Informing us as soon as possible if your child won't be at class (this can make a difference to our lesson plan for their class(es), so having as much notice as possible is much appreciated).


We will endeavour to:

  • Look after your child (as if they were our own) while they're in class. (Please note that unless children are in class they are the parent or guardian's responsibility unless you have arranged for supervision from one of our Registered Chaperones). Please see the point on online safety in the above section. 

  • Make you aware of any concerns we have regarding your child.

  • Keep you informed of any changes to times etc.


  • Most of the venues  have CCTV (please see details at the relevant venue).

  • We follow the NATD Child Protection Policy 

  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact Elizabeth Stagg at or for more urgent matters please ring Elizabeth on 01928-714474.


Uniform Price List

Please note: Only uniform purchased from A1 Dance is permissible in class once the Trial Period is complete.
A1 Dance Set Uniform is to be worn for All classes, with hair neatly tied up. Apart from looking neat & tidy it is
also safer for all Dancers taking part in a class to have their hair properly tied up so it can't flick into their eyes or anyone else's. No jewellery is permitted in class. A pair of small stud earrings may be worn at your own risk.
We reserve the right to send a child out if the above is not adhered to.
If a Student has joined several different class types, priority should be given to purchasing ballet shoes & uniform garments first. 
Then if required an extra 4 weeks after the Trial Period is given for parents to purchase anything else.

We aim to keep uniform prices at a reasonable level.

Go to the SHOP tab to see images & prices.

A1 Dance Shop

Uniform, A1 Dance Logowear, Bags & other items available to buy or order from class.

Monthly Fees

Invoices for monthly fees will be emailed no later than a week before they are due.

Quick reminder link to Bank Payment Details (be sure to check fees total on your invoice first!)


Timetable from June 2024

As usual when classes have moved up a grade we need to add extra time to their class. We've done our very best to keep any changes to a minimum & keep any gaps as short as possible for those A1 Dancers that take multiple classes.

A1 Dancer's Fund

At A1 Dance we believe no child should miss taking part in a show because parents can't afford their costumes so only collect £2 per month from each child towards their costumes for the year.
All other costume & equipment monies are raised through fundraising.


Here's a FREE & easy way you can help.

Raise Money for the Costumes & Equipment Fund every time you shop online!

If you like to shop online this is really simple to do, doesn’t cost you a penny & practically no time at all! The money raised will go straight into the A1 Dancer's fund.



Privacy Notice & Processing

We hope you & your child have a happy & fulfilling relationship with A1 Dance.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.


then Select A1 Dance Runcorn & Start Fundraising

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