Payment Details

If at all possible we prefer payments to be made straight into the bank, this means you will have a record of the transaction & so will A1 Dance.

Please pay into:

The Halifax 

Account Name            

Sort Code

Account Number               

Mrs Elizabeth A Stagg



Reference Code:

For Under 18s Classes

Be sure to put a reference so we can allocate the payment to the correct Student!

E.g. if you were paying for a student called Darcey Stagg you would ideally use the following codes so we can be sure to credit the correct student.

For Registration Fees use: 

For Class Fees use:             

For Uniform use: 


Darcey Stagg Reg

Darcey Stagg Fees

Darcey Stagg Uniform

If your bank doesn't allow you to change your reference each time you make a payment then please set up the payment reference as your child's FIRST & LAST NAME so we can credit the payment to the correct student.


Registration Fee: £7.50 (New Students Under 18yrs).   

If your bank won't allow such a long reference you could do e.g. DarceyS.Reg


You get the idea, as long as we have the student's name & something to go on it helps us to allocate the payment & avoids us asking you for payment in error.

Adults First Class Fees:

NEW Adults please pay the fee in advance of your First Class to secure your place.

For Fit 2 Dance put F2D & your FIRST & LAST NAME as the reference.

For Adult Classical Ballet put ACB & your FIRST & LAST NAME as the reference.

Thank you