Payment Details

Bank Transfer Payments
If at all possible we prefer payments to be made straight into the bank, this means you will have a record of the transaction & so will A1 Dance.

Please pay into:

Starling Bank

Account Name:        Elizabeth Stagg    

Sort Code:                60-83-71

Account Number:    25535677


This is the business account for A1 Dance but please use the account details as above. If you have a checkbox on your banking app that asks if you're paying a business leave it unchecked as it doesn't find the account that way (it's something to do with being a sole trader I believe).

Payment Reference Codes for Under 18s: 

Be sure to put a reference so we can allocate the payment to the correct Student! This is especially important if your last name is different to your child's.


E.g. if you were paying for a student called Darcey Stagg please use that name in the reference so we can be sure to credit the correct student.

If your bank lets you change the reference then please put the student's name & the following additions or something that will make it obvious what you're paying for.

Letting us know who & what it is you're paying for saves any confusion, gives us both an accurate record of the transaction & saves any time consuming detective work!

For the £7.50 Registration Fees use:

Darcey Stagg Reg

For Class Fees use:                           

Darcey Stagg Class Fees

For Uniform use:                               

Darcey Stagg Uniform


You get the idea, as long as we have the student's name & something to go on it helps us to allocate the payment quickly & avoids us asking you for payments in error.


If your bank doesn't allow you to change your reference each time you make a payment then please just set up the payment reference as your child's FIRST & LAST NAME so we can at least credit against the correct student.

If your bank doesn't allow such a long reference you could do e.g. DarceyS.Reg so we can be confident we're allocating the payment to the correct student for the correct item. 

Making Bank Transfer Payments for Over 18s

First Class Fees:

NEW Adults please pay the class fee in advance of your First Class to secure your place.

For Adult Classical Ballet put ACB & your FIRST & LAST NAME as the reference.

For Fit 2 Dance put F2D & your FIRST & LAST NAME as the reference.

Thank you