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Click HERE to see what our A1 Dancers have to say about being A1 Zoomers

If you're using a phone or tablet use the selfie camera to find out where the best place to position it in your room is.
Portrait mode usually works best on smaller devices.

Mobile portrait mode.png

Get set up for learning via Zoom

What do you need?

  • A smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. (some of the newer smart TVs also have webcams)

  • Some floor space (not as much as you might think!)

Perform these next 3 steps ahead of time so you know how to set up quickly when you want to join a class.

  1. Download the app or go to on your device & set up an account (it changes to You'll only need the free version. :-)

  2. The bigger the screen the more your dancer will be able to see.
    Have a play about with your device to find the best angle.

Remember what works best so you can set it up quickly when you need it for a class.

Camera angle, ideally we need to see the whole of the dancer!

  • If your room is big enough you can set your device up like Fig. A

  • The smaller the space & the taller the dancer you will need to set it up more like Fig. B

Fig. A

Fig. B

3. Fill in a Student Registration Form - supplement for online classes HERE

Rules for uniform, attendance, behaviour, fees etc. are just the same whether in the studio or online:

  • Wear your usual dance uniform with hair in a ballet bun. (Pumps or trainers can be worn for tap if necessary).

  • Ask if you need to go to the toilet etc.

  • Pay attention to your teacher

Ready for class

  1. You get into the class (zoom meeting) A. If you've downloaded the zoom app by clicking join meeting & enter the meeting ID & passcode next to your usual class name on the Timetable HERE.
    Or B. You can go to the Timetable HERE & click on the join meeting link & when prompted enter the meeting ID & passcode.

  2. Important for security, change the name to the student's first name & initial, failure to do this may result in a delay if we're having to work out who's trying to enter the class!

  3. Please be sure to have your video & audio switched on (this sometimes happens automatically).

  4. Class will open approximately 5 minutes before the timetabled start time & you will be placed in a a virtual waiting room.

  5. The teacher will let the student in & class will proceed.

    See you there :-)


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