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Home Learning

in response to studio closure due to Covid-19 in 2020 we've implemented online classes & continued learning at home.

In the half term we've been back in the studio your dancer has learned to work with a whole new set of rules & they've done an amazing job. They've already come so far at A1 Dance it would be such a shame for them to lose all they've gained so far, so while we're waiting again for that happy day when we can all get back together, dancing at home will keep your A1 Dancer learning, fit & strong, & their technique up to a reasonable standard so they're as ready as they can be to return to studio based classes & continue on towards their next dance milestone. Not only that but keeping contact with their dance friends & teachers can help keep them happy & content & means they'll easily slip back into studio based classes as soon as we're allowed to re-open.

            #StaySafe                    #KeepDancing                     #KeepLearning                    #RetainToAttain            

Set up for online learning now!       See what are A1 Dancers say about zooming in to class!


Or check out the myth busters below to help you see the how easy it is to continue learning online. :)

We'd all love to be back to our normal routine & our dancers would love to be back in the studio with their dance friends & teachers & lots of space to move freely...

Reality at the moment though is working wherever a little bit of space can be found. Your dancer has been adapting to dancing in a small floor space back in the studio this term.
All dancers are taught to adapt to the space they have, so for home learning it might mean turning to face a different direction to do certain exercises or doing less repetitions across the room but a lot of the work can still be accommodated in a relatively small space & the smaller the dancer the smaller the space needed!

All the Professional dancers from around the world are had to work in tiny spaces too, desperately trying to keep their fitness & technique up in limited space & with no clue as to when they would be allowed back in to the studio or to perform again.

  1. We haven’t got room...

  2. We don’t have time ...

  3. They’re lacking motivation and/or feeling like it won’t get them anywhere ...

  4. They feel shy or embarrassed ...

  5. We’re not sure how to practice ...

  6. They don’t like watching on a small screen ...

  7. We haven’t got the right equipment ...

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1.   We haven’t got room – are you sure?
Most of the set work can be done in a very small area. If you can kick your leg up in one direction and put your arm out to the side there are lots of things that can be practiced.
If you’re really pushed for space now could be the time for your dancer to really work on technique, strength & stamina which will pay dividends & help them to get back on track much quicker when they’re back in a
bigger dance space.


Here are a few suggestions of places your A1 Dancer might find enough space to continue learning at home.

Most of the set work can be accommodated in a relatively small space and the smaller the dancer the smaller the space needed!


Weird places I’ve had lessons or practiced at home -
My teacher’s very small galley kitchen, I could only extend my leg in one direction.
On a tiled area in front of the small bar in a community centre.
In a group class in a small kitchen with a space of about  2’ feet x 1.5 feet each.
In a bathroom using the sink/window sill as a barre.
On the landing using the banister as a barre.

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2.   We don’t have time –

Most of the grade work can be covered in 15-30mins depending on the grade & genre, so maybe you could split it into 2 or 3 short sessions & squeeze it in here & there?

If they’re really pushed for time they could try working on one or two of the things they find tricky & one they find easier to finish, then next time something else, that way over a week or two they’ve covered everything & won’t fall as far behind.

In the kitchen?

3.   They’re lacking motivation &/or feeling like it won’t get them anywhere -
For some this will the hardest one of all. If your child loves their dancing it’s unlikely that love has gone away, it’s more likely that they’ve forgotten how to feel it in amongst all the changes & worry. You could have a chat about how dancing made them feel, how happy they were to get a certain thing right, how excited they were to perform in the show etc. help them to remember that uplifting feeling they get.

It might help to have them work on their dancing at the time they took their class(es). Set them up with a space & try a regular time slot if they’re better with a proper structure.

Practicing will help them keep up & be ready to carry on when we’re able to return to the studio as well as keeping them fit & helping them sleep better.
This time at home needn’t be wasted, there are lots of things they can learn to work on that they might not normally have the time to usually, if there’s anything in particular they’re wanting to improve let us know & we’ll give them some tips.


If they’re still not keen, leave it for a while & then try again. Or would a chat with one of us help? Let us know.

In the hall?

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4.   They feel shy or embarrassed –
Could you join in with them until they feel less strange dancing at home, ask them to help you with the steps, most children love to play teacher. Or how about saying Miss Jennifer/Mrs Stagg/Nanny & Granddad etc. would love to see you dancing, let’s film you & then we can send it to them...  If there are other adults in the house could they take siblings out for a walk or play with them in another room while your dancer works? Once they get over the strangeness and more used to this new way of learning they will soon get back into their dance groove.

If they’re still not keen, leave it for a while & then try again. Or would a chat with one of us help? Let us know.

There's still a lot they can do at home to avoid falling behind. We’re only suggesting some gentle encouragement, explain to them how they’ll want to keep up with their friends & not fall behind & a reminder of what they enjoy about their dancing. Even just watching the videos will help them retain what they've learned so far, & for those that can understand, visualisation is a great tool that all professional dancers, sports people & athletes use to improve their execution & performance. Training their brain to believe their body can execute the steps perfectly is a great skill to have & will help your dancer's technique & performance.

In the bedroom?

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5.   We’re not sure how to practice –
Most of the videos we’ve shared have top tips to help you and your dancer understand how to get the best result for each exercise & we’re here to help if they get stuck with anything. Like with anything in life regularity is the key, it’s better to work well for a short time a few times a week than to do nothing for weeks then dance for a full day!

In the lounge?

6.   They don’t like watching on a small screen –
I can certainly sympathise with this one, did you see our post on our Facebook Group on 5 June at 10:10am  or find out the different ways you can see your phone or tablet screen on your TV

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7.   We haven’t got the right equipment – are you sure?
Their dance shoes are the most important & a barre or chair or even the wall will do.

Wearing their uniform or similar with their hair as for class will help them feel & look the part which will help put them in the right frame of mind.

I have our stock of ballet shoes at home if anyone needs new ones, let me know.
If you’re worried tap shoes will damage your floor they can work in anything with

a smooth enough sole that will stay on their feet, eg. pumps or trainers.

Here are some of our A1 Dancers continuing to learn at home with our YouTube videos & Grade work.


Set up for online learning now!       See what are A1 Dancers say about zooming in to class!


A few of our A1 Dancers who've been having Private Lessons via zoom in addition to using the videos.

Remember these can be booked for anything from several times a week to an occasional one off.


More of our A1 Dancers who've been practicing various elements over lockdown

These are just the ones sent in but we know lots of our dancers are keeping up with their learning at home & would love to see more pictures or videos. We were easily able to pick out the A1 Dancers who had kept learning during the lockdown & time away from the studio.

Don't let your dancer fall behind their classmates.

Set up for online learning now!       See what are A1 Dancers say about zooming in to class!

            #StaySafe                    #KeepDancing                     #KeepLearning                    #RetainToAttain            

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