Chaperone Licencing

Due to Halton Borough Council rules we need to have at least one Registered Chaperone / Matron per 8 children up to age 9yrs & then 1 per 10 children up to age 16yrs. Please be aware that you may be placed in a different dressing room than your child.

If you'd like to register then please let us know asap as it can take a few months to set up.

There are two steps to becoming Registered Volunteer Chaperone / Matron:​

  • Licence Application: Fill in & follow the returning instructions on the Chaperone/Matron Application Form. You'll need two passport pictures and two non family members to act as referees.(N.B. Parents from outside of Halton will need to apply to their own local council).
    Registering as a Volunteer Chaperone is free.

  • If you have a current DBS:  This can be used if it’s enhanced, for the children's workforce &you have signed up to the DBS update service. If your DBS meets this criteria then the DBS will be checked against the update service. You will be asked to take the original copy of your DBS & a form of ID into Halton Direct Link for verifying. When this has been done & two suitable references have been received the chaperone licence will be issued. The licences will be posted to the your address & is valid for 3 years.  

  • If you do not have a current DBS: Ask to be sent a link, which allows you to complete a new DBS application form online & pay for the DBS. When you have completed the form & paid for the DBS you will need to take the documents you have used into Halton Direct Link for verifying. Only after this has been done will the DBS application be submitted for the checks to begin. The checks usually take around 2 weeks to complete, however some can be quicker and some can take a bit longer. When the DBS check has been completed & two suitable references have been received the chaperone licence will be issued. The licences will be posted to your address and is valid for 3 years.  The cost for a volunteer DBS is £8.16, if you'd like this refunded to you from the costume fund please keep a receipt to hand in.

All backstage helpers will need a DBS check. As you can imagine that makes it more difficult with planning as helpers will need to be sorted out months in advance so the checks can be done in time.


In addition, any person helping in the dressing rooms also needs to be a registered Chaperone / Matron.

Both the licence & the DBS check (providing you register the DBS for the DBS Update Service) are valid for three years.

Please let me know asap if you're happy to apply for a Chaperone / Matron Licence (& DBS if required).

Jennifer Connolly, Administration Officer, Policy & Resources at Halton Borough Council.

There is no charge for the chaperone licence.
If a new DBS check is required the costs is £8.16 if the licence is being used for a voluntary role and £53 if the licence is being used for a paid role.
There is no charge to sign up to the DBS update service if the applicants DBS is voluntary.
If the applicants DBS is for a paid role the DBS charge £13 a year to use the update service.

Chaperone / Matron Application Form







If you don't have access to a printer please email the completed form to us to print out. You can then sign it. Or to fill in by hand, ask & we will print out a blank copy.