Information For NATD Exam Session
Sunday 3rd July 2022

General Information for Exam Sessions & FAQs

When to arrive, where to go, what happens on the day & what to bring with you each time.


Make-up List & Guidelines


Step by Step & Link to video.

If you have questions after reading, please ask sooner rather than later!


Hair Dressing List & Guidlines


Step by step instructions for a Ballet Bun, other hair style requirements & Link to video.


Shoe Care & Cleaning


Leather, PVC, Satin & Canvas. Link to video.


Make Shoes Safe & Secure


Step by step & Link to videos


Timetable​ for November 2021 TBC

Exam Timetable has been approved.

Please check for correct spelling of your child's name & make a note of all the relevant times for your A1 Dancer!