April 2021

We're excited to be re-opening our studio based 'in person' classes week commencing Monday 19th April.

Rules to work within the government's Covid-19 guidelines are still the same as they were in September so please see below.

January 2021

Classes have moved online during Lockdown. Get more info Here

September 2020

WooHoo! We can finally re-open our children's classes.

See the changes we've made to Children's Classes to work within the government guidelines. HERE

For Adult Classical Ballet (worded more for parents but you will be expected to adhere to the same rules). HERE

And for Adults Fit 2 Dance HERE


When should you isolate & when can you return to A1 Dance see HERE

You must read the full information via the links above.
Below is just a 
Reminder of the main points applicable to everyone -

  • 2 metre distance should be maintained.

  • If you must car share or use public transport, face coverings / masks should be worn throughout.

  • Everyone should wear a face covering / mask when they are anywhere near the venue including parents lining up to drop off or pick up or Adult students when entering.

  • You MUST NOT enter any venue without a face covering / mask on.

  • No more than ONE student family in the entry way at any time.

  • Students from 11yrs should wear a mask until they have stored their outdoor items & changed into dance shoes. Face coverings / mask should then be stored in a zip lock bag.

  • Students to sanitize their hands & have their temperature checked.

  • Hope Corner: Please run through this procedure with your child (class 6 & up). This also applies to adult students.
    Place outdoor shoes & other belongings in the box provided.
    Change into 
    dance shoes.
    Store their mask.

  • Then sanitize their hands.
    This all needs to be done quickly to allow others to enter!
    (N.B. If they only have minimal items e.g. drink sanitizer & tissues, they will place them on a sanitized floor spot instead of in a box.).

  • As the weather is now getting cooler please make sure your child has something to put on when leaving class, you may be asked to come in, help with their shoes & take their coat out through the fire exit.

  • Try & avoid wearing dance shoes outside, it damages the shoes & tracks dirt onto the dance floor.
    A parent has suggested sliders over their ballet shoes as a good quick alternative. :)


August 2020

Most of our classes are still closed but we're extremely excited to be planning our phased re-opening, you can be sure we're following the government guidelines & implementing any advised measures so you can be confident in returning to A1 Dance soon.


We're very happy to be welcoming back some of our Adult Fit 2 Dance classes from Thursday 6th August. Sadly we can't offer these as drop in classes at the moment  - Click HERE for what you need know before you attend. 


COVID-19 Lockdown March 2020

We’re very sad to let you know we’re pausing our studio based classes for the foreseeable future.

We will miss all our A1 Dancers and Families more than you can imagine and hope you all stay safe and well during this uncertain time.

Myself, Miss Jennifer & Miss Becky are determined the children’s continued learning should be supported during this enforced closure and will be working on ways to help the grade children maintain the high standards they’ve achieved so far and to still progress at home as much a possible. We won’t forget our littlest dancers either.

After such a wonderful show at The Brindley on 15th March it was doubly sad to not have had the chance to have seen most of the children again before the closure.

We will miss you all. xxx

We hope you all stay well and will keep you updated of any changes as soon as we can.