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Updated for January 2022

See the changes we've made to Children's Classes to work within the government guidelines. HERE

For Adult Classical Ballet (worded more for parents but you will be expected to adhere to the same rules). HERE

And for Adults Fit 2 Dance HERE


You must read the full information via the links above.
Below is just a 
Reminder of the main points applicable to everyone -

  • Try & maintain a 2 metre distance.

  • If you must car share or use public transport, face coverings / masks should be worn throughout.

  • Everyone must wear a face covering / mask when entering & moving around a venue.

  • Arrive dressed ready to dance.
    Dance shoes should not be worn outside, it damages the shoes & tracks unnecessary dirt onto the dance floor. 
    A parent suggested sliders over their ballet shoes as a good quick alternative which has been working well. :)

  • Students from 11yrs should ideally wear a mask until they have stored their outdoor items & changed into dance shoes. Face coverings / mask should then be stored in a zip lock bag.

  • Then sanitize their hands.
    This all needs to be done quickly to allow others to enter!

  • Please make sure your child has something to put on when leaving class, regardless of how warm they feel or that they'll be getting straight into a car, cooling too quickly will undo any flexibility they've gained in the class, leads to stiff muscles & possible injury.

  • At Hope Corner please leave via the back door to avoid passing people on their way in.

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