Information for In the Spotlight (ITS) 2018


Uploaded 6/6/18

In the Spotlight is a show for any A1 Dance student that would like to take part.

Rehearsal Details then please scroll down for all other information regarding ITS.

This year we're doing our best to cover the dances in the usual classes but it would be greatly appreciated if you can get your child to as many of the other classes for their level as possible.
Classes 5 & 6 are doing the same dances.

See Timetable


There's quite a lot to read so please feel free to print out the documents if you'd like to!

(please note that if you ask a question which is covered, you will be referred to the

relevant document as we always get extra busy before Shows!)

Rehearsal Fees

Cost will cover all the scheduled Rehearsals & Costume Fittings

£2.50 for A1 Dancers that take just one class type.

£4 for A1 Dancers that take more than one class type per week.
(N.B. If your child appeared in OSS then there will be no charge for this rehearsal due to

In the Spotlight being close to OSS)

This will be payable on Friday 15th June.

Please note this amount is per family - The child taking the most classes pays & siblings come free to rehearsals.


Last Rehearsal Friday 15th June

At Grangeway Community Centre

Runcorn WA7 5HA

Babes 4:00-4:45pm

Classes 5 & 6 4:30-5:15pm
Just Acro, Street or Tap 5:00-6:00pm

Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4 5:00-7:00pm


Please wear usual dance uniform for rehearsals hair in a bun for Babes & Classes 3, 4, 5 & 6.
Low ponytail for Classes 1 & 2
. No make-up required for this rehearsal.

Be sure to bring all relevant shoes &  make sure everything has your A1 Dancer's name on.

Bring your brain & a smile!

a snack & a drink for classes 1, 2, 3 & 4.


It's nearly Show Time!!!

Tickets available from class

Adults £6.00 (free raffle entry), Kids £3.00 & Under 3s free if sitting on knees.
Refreshments available & Fundraising Raffle.


Important Info. for Chaperones & A1 Helpers - Instructions etc. Updated 06/06/2018


Please take time to read this thoroughly, it contains important information to keep everyone
safe & help things run smoothly on the day.
SPOILER ALERT See PDF for Costume Info. Added 28/5/18 (these will be in a different order but same costumes. I will add the Babes & Classes 5 & 6 & any additional costumes asap.

Arrival Details & What You Need to Bring - All basic items are on the list but we may need to add an odd item so please keep checking. Updated 30/6/18

What time to arrive, where to go & what you need to bring with you.



Make-up List & Guidelines


Step by Step & Link to video.

If you have questions after reading, please ask sooner rather than later!


Hair Dressing List & Guidlines


Step by step instructions for a Ballet Bun, other hair style requirements & Link to video.


Shoe Care & Cleaning


Leather, PVC, Satin & Canvas. Link to video.


Make Shoes Safe & Secure


Step by step & Link to videos


Running Order TBC

N.B. If your child has missed several rehearsals they may not be in all dances for their group.

Babes will be dancing in one performance so they don't get too tired. Please make sure you buy tickets for the correct performance.

Keep up to date with all show info on our Students Facebook Group.