Hope Corner Parking & Covid-19 One Way System


Parking at Hope Corner - When Hope Corner was built they had to agree a travel plan with the council to manage traffic flow & parking. For A1 Dance to be allowed to use Hope Corner we must all adhere to this plan (regardless of no yellow lines etc. being in place). If Hope Corner car park (shown with yellow Xs) is full, it was agreed that parking should be along Clifton Road, preferably on the far side so as not to disrupt residents. If it's necessary to park on the near side then please be mindful not to cause any obstruction.

Covid-19 restrictions - Avoid queuing, if you need to queue please stay safely distanced, wearing a face covering is recommended.

Drop Off - If you have to queue before class, please follow the arrows marked in pink, Dancers will enter at the main door at  1, parents should continue round the building following the blue arrows (unless the way back is clear for you!).

Pick Up - Please arrive promptly, if you need to queue, please do so along the path marked in green, Dancers are to be picked up from the fire exit at  2 .

Please take particular care along the dotted lines & in the car park, where cars may be entering & exiting.