From January 2022
A1 Dance Members Information pertaining to changes made to protect against transmission of Covid-19.
There are several different sets of regulations we need to follow to safely re-open & be Covid-19 secure.
You can be assured we have taken all the action required to work within the guidelines & adhere to the restrictions due to Covid-19. Our students safety is our paramount concern & we will be regularly checking for any changes to the government guidelines. We will regularly review the guidance & advise you of any changes we make.

Please read the information below & revisit as needed.

You will be informed of any changes as necessary.

To keep yourself & others safe parents & students need to be aware of the changes we've made:

Tips to help keep yourself & others safe

I’m sure you will be aware of most of these but please read through them to comply with our
risk assessment for Covid-19.


In advance of the class

  • Make sure you keep abreast of any changes to the rules set out by the government, the venue or A1 Dance.

  • Please pay fees directly into the bank as per you invoice, or in the Trial Period a minimum of 24hrs before class.

  • Make sure any dance wear has been washed & any shoes or equipment cleaned.

  • You should arrive at class 'Dressed Ready to Dance' with just a top layer to remove when you arrive.


Ready to set off for class

  • Thoroughly wash & dry hands prior to leaving home.

  • Have hand sanitizer & clean tissues with you (please bring your own if possible).

  • Take particular care if travelling on public transport or car sharing, abide by the current government guidelines, wear a Face covering / Mask & keep your distance.

  • Avoid arriving too early.

  • Wear a Face covering / Mask to enter the building, masks should only be removed once you are ready to dance.

  • See parking Hope Corner


Arriving at the Venue

  • Please adhere to social distancing requirements according to government guidelines & building signage & wear a face covering / mask.

  • Doors may be locked until a few minutes before class.

  • Anyone entering must sanitize their hands before going through the double doors, sanitizer will be available.

  • All staff, parents / guardians & students must abide by all instructions in the building, hand hygiene, distancing, use of facilities etc. At Hope Corner only the disabled toilet will be in use.

  • Practice good respiratory hygiene, try & have a clean tissue on your person ready to catch a cough or sneeze, bin it & wash / sanitize hands as soon as possible. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze tight into the bend of your elbow.

  • You MUST wear a Face Covering / Mask inside the building.

  • It's personal choice whether you wear a mask while dancing.


Entering & during the class

  • Leave a space between your belongings & someone else’s.

  • Currently it’s your choice whether to wear a Face Covering / Mask while dancing but Face Coverings / Masks MUST be worn elsewhere inside the building from age 11yrs.

  • We will be following all the relevant guidelines on distancing.

  • If a teacher should need to break the distancing rule they will adopt all possible hygiene measures & use of masks etc.

  • Dancers will be ask to sanitize their hands before & after using any equipment & before & after any floor work. 

  • As soon as class finishes the Dancers should leave via the fire exit.


Teacher has been advised by management that;

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use at the main entrance & at stations throughout the building.

  • Only the disabled toilet nearest the main hall should be used until further notice.

  • Everyone should avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces.

  • If you move anything please put it back.

  • Extra cleaning will be undertaken between each user group & frequent cleaning of high risk areas such as handles, toilet facilities etc.

  • Any participant in an A1 Dance class acting in disregard of the rules will be asked to leave.