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Bring a Friend Week

Parents & Guardians please see the Terms & Conditions below:


Ts & Cs for Invited Friends:

Your child will receive a FREE taster class in any suitable dance genre.


They will need to wear something they can move safely in e.g. a t-shirt & leggings or shorts. Pumps or bare feet depending on the dance genre.

Hair needs to be tied up away from their face.


We hope your child enjoys their taster. :-)

After they’ve had their FREE taster class we’ll ask you for feedback & whether you would like to register your child at A1 Dance.


Ts & Cs for A1 Dancers Inviting their Friends:


You can invite your A1 Dancer’s friend to attend any of your dancer’s classes if they’re of a similar age.

If your dancer’s class isn’t suitable for their friend, they’ll be offered an alternative class, ask their parent or guardian to get in touch with us via the A1 Dance Facebook Page or email info@a1dance.co.uk

Having a free taster as part of Bring a Friend Week doesn’t automatically mean a place is immediately available but we’ll do our best to accommodate them as soon as we possibly can.


If your A1 Dancer’s class has already taken grade exams their friend may need to join a less
advanced class until they’re able to cope with the more advanced work. They may be asked to attend classes of more than one level to help them advance more quickly.


When your A1 Dancer’s friend has had their taster, if they’d like a place they’ll go through the usual Registration process. Once they’ve submitted their Registration Form & we’ve received their Registration Fee your dancer will receive a voucher for £5.00 off A1 Dance uniform.


Once their friend is a Full Member of A1 Dance your dancer will receive a credit on their referral rewards card. Please see details below.

Privacy Notice & Processing

We hope you & your child have a happy & fulfilling relationship with A1 Dance.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.